I first met Dr. Bradley Chipps in early September 1989. My youngest child, Genevieve, had just been admitted to Sutter Memorial's Pediatrics Intensive Care Unit. Diagnosis:  Pertussis (Whooping Cough). She was 5 weeks old.  Through that lengthy ordeal, he was there to make sure she pulled through. He even cut his family vacation short to come back to treat Genevieve, because she was that ill. After six long weeks, Genevieve was released to come home. Dr. Chipps played a major role in her recovery and 27 years later, my daughter has wonderful healthy lungs. I am eternally grateful that Dr. Chipps was there for us back then.

Okay everyone, fast forward to 2009.  My breathing starts to become compromised and I am referred to.... that's right .... Dr. Chipps. I asked him if he remembered Genevieve and myself. He did. Up until a couple of years ago, it is my understanding that Genevieve was the worst Pertussis case on record.

I'm still (and always will be) a grateful patient of his.  I have a condition where there currently is no cure. However, my breathing has greatly improved since coming to him. You know, you can go without food. You can go without water. You cannot go without breathing. So, if you need an "air man" don't settle. Get the best... and the best is Dr. Bradley Chipps. A doctor who cares about people.

Terri B.,