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Disease States

At Capital Allergy & Respiratory Disease Center we strive to meet and exceed your expectations for treatments of a diverse spectrum of health conditions. In particular, we specialize in respiratory, allergic, sleep and immunologic disorders. We have staff that are highly trained in addressing the diagnosis and treatment of these needs. Please review clinician descriptions…
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Asthma is a condition of the lungs characterized by inflammation and reversible narrowing of the airways, affecting children and adults. Asthma is very common, and often related to allergy. Pulmonary function tests may be needed to determine if narrowing of the airway is present. Goals for the treatment of asthma are to control or minimize…
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Allergy is an abnormal response in our bodies to common substances, such as plants, foods, household dust and pets or medications. People with allergies may have symptoms such as sneezing, cough, itching and increase secretions (runny nose, tears, etc.) Risks for allergy include genetics (family history) and environment. Certain tests and treatment are possible for…
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Eczema or atopic dermatitis is a skin problem consisting of dry, itchy, scaly or weeping skin. Allergies are frequently found in patients with eczema. Food sensitivity in children can cause eczema. Contact with household chemicals and personal care products can cause eczema in adults.
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COVID-19 UPdate

Due to current recommendations made by the US Government/CDC – The Following will go into effect until further notice.

For the week of March 23-27 – Capital Allergy and Respiratory Disease Center Clinics will operate only between the hours of 8-5.

Effective Monday March 23 – Our New Injection Hours for all clinics will be 9-4 (until further notice)

New Injection Hours

Effective Monday March 23, 2020
Monday 9:00-3:45
Tuesday 9:00-3:45 (Folsom Closed)
Wednesday 9:00-3:45(J Street Closed)
Thursday 9:00-3:45
Friday 9:00-3:45