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***Updated 1/23/2022***



Please be aware that we recommend patients do not receive allergy shots of biologics injections for 7 days after receiving a COVID vaccine. This may cause a need to reschedule an injection appointment. Please call our office to change appointment times or for any questions or concerns. You can also contact us through the patient portal.


COVID Vaccine Update

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We do not expect to be a site for administration of the COVID19 vaccine.  Please check with your local public health department.

Use this link for more information on the state of California’s tiered system for vaccine administration.


Due to current recommendations made by the US Government/CDC – The Following will go into effect until further notice.

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New Injection Hours – Effective 1/10/2022

Folsom Office
Monday 8:00-11:30 / 1-4:30
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 8:00-11:30 / 1-4:30
Thursday 8:00-11:30 / 1-4:30
Friday 8:00-11:30 / 1-4:30

Roseville Office
Monday 9:00-11:30 / 1-5:30
Tuesday 8:00-11:30 / 1-4:30
Wednesday 8:00-11:30 / 1-4:30
Thursday 8:00-11:30 / 1-4:30
Friday 8:00-11:30 / 1-4:30

Monday 9:00-4:30
Tuesday 8:00-5:30
Wednesday 8:00-11:30 / 1-4:30
Thursday 9:00-4:30
Friday 8:00-4:30